A rainy night in Alexanderplatz (Berlin)

A rainy night in Alexanderplatz (Berlin)

Berlin - A rainy night in Alexanderplatz


135 thoughts on “A rainy night in Alexanderplatz (Berlin)

    • hey! how can you be not a fan of Berlin? It’s an awesome city. Okay, I lived there for 8 years and decided to move, but still… it is one of Europe’s most open and green cities.

    • Yes, like “Smiley’s People.” A little depressing looking, but showing the difference between raw & dark and cozy & warm.
      Very interesting to look at. I like it.
      What is Alexanderplatz? Looks maybe like a shopping mall. Do I see a MacDonald’s under the sign?

  1. Wir lieben deise! Sorry, our German needs some work! But this is a really great photo! We LoVe Berlin too, by the way!
    Happy Snapping!

  2. Wir lieben deise! Sorry, our German needs some work! But this is a really great photo! We LoVe Berlin!

  3. Your photography is stunning! It’s cinematique — ever consider filming? You have raw energy that exudes clearly in your photos – keep up!

  4. MMMmhm! I love this picture! – its a sort of old type movie theme, yet with a modern buildings. I can see myself being almost there!!!
    Great shots!!!

  5. Great shot, Berlin is such a beautiful city. I got caught there in a rainstorm myself a few months back when visiting my sister. Didn’t stop us from having a great night (or taking silly photos)!

  6. I lived in Berlin in the 80’s and went back for a visit earlier this year – to a totally different city, what with the wall down and such. This picture brings back a variety of memories! Great shot.

  7. I was there a few month ago visiting my ‘in laws’ who are German – the picture is evocative and took instantaneously to Alexanderplatz – thank you

  8. I love Berlin. we’ve visited it for 2-3 times in the past years and it’s so wonderful to see. We’ll have to schedule another visit there, I really miss it. Alexander Platz was one of the places I really enjoyed there. Can’t say I’d love rain, but it’s a wonderful pic nonetheless.

  9. I was in that station when I was 24 years ago, the Wall was up, the VOPOS were on duty in the station; one was on the platform high up over the trains, just behind that glass facade, watching the trains. He had a machine gun. The atmosphere between E. and W. was tense. The Badder Meinhoff terrorists were active. It was such a different world. This was 1974.

  10. Berlin isn’t the world’s prettiest city to photograph, but you’ve produced a dramatic and evocative image here. Bravo!
    I note how it’s triggered different cinematic memories for various folk, above. For me, it’s a Fritz Lang film. Edward G. Robinson is caught in the rain (off picture), and I think that he might’ve just killed the femme fatale’s husband…

  11. Not sure if it is because I am hungry, but the first thing I noticed was the golden arches(mcdonald’s sign) at the bottom right corner. Afterwards, I absorbed the eerieness of the photo. Wow!

  12. Wow, this photo is beautiful! You really captured Alexanderplatz as I’ve never seen it before. I have just moved to Berlin so am excited to get out and explore some more!

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